How much walking is enough?

  • Once you have decided to change your day by walking – SET A GOAL.
  • Use the flashy new activity tracker you have seen in the market.
  • But what should aim for how many steps a day?


Walking goal?

Start with two Varieties.

  • 10 min walks – many times/day.
  • 30 min walk – once/twice a day.

What are we trying to achieve, about 10000 step in a day, so start slow and built it up.


Benefits of Walking.

  • Why do we need a goal for the day? It motivates us.
  • The sense of achievement when the goal is completed.
  • Also, it is a tangible/quantifiable result seen every day.
  • It pushes you to go further.


But Why Walk

  • Well, it is available to most.
  • No equipment except for your shoes.
  • No expensive membership.


What does walking do?

It can help reduce your issue of

  • Heart disease.
  • Obesity.
  • Diabetes.
  • High Blood pressure.
  • Depression.


How to include more steps in your day?

Once you’ve determined your goal, try these ideas for fitting more walking into your routine.

#1 Take the dog for a walk: If you have one or combine your activity with social time by joining a friend to walk.

#2 Try Music: A bouncy tune or something with a strong beat can make activity more enjoyable and help motivate you to walk farther or faster. For some, it is the meditation music which does the trick.

#3 Include the family: Instead of an afternoon movie, go for a walk or hike together.

#4 Go in person: Instead of sending a work email, walk to your colleague’s desk.

#5 Walk while waiting: Take a walk instead of sitting when you’re early for an appointment or waiting for a flight.

#6Park farther away: Choose parking spots farther away from the entrance. If you take the bus, get off a stop early and walk the rest of the way.

#7 Take the stairs: Even going down the stairs counts as step and burn calories.

How far will you go today? Your goal will depend on your starting point. But nearly everyone can reap the benefits of walking more. Step by step.

So when are you starting?  What is your step Goal?  How much are you going to BURN?


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