Infrared coagulation or IRC as it is commonly known is outpatient procedure.

It has specific indications where it can be done and specific advantage.

It is used to treat small or medium internal haemorrhoids.


What Is IRC ?

It is a procedure during which a device which creates infrared rays is used.

The heat energy produced by the infrared light scars the tissue in Anal canal.

The scarring stops the blood supply to the haemorrhoids. As a result, the haemorrhoids dies away slowly.

Indications of IRC

  • Grade I-II Internal Haemorrhoides.
  • Bleeding Internal Haemorrhoids.
  • Patient Not fit for any surgery with bleeding in stools.

Do I Need Any Special Preparation Before the Procedure?

No special Preparation is required.

Only the Laxatives need to be taken at time to clear the Bowel

The Bowels should have been evacuated well.

In case you want the procedure to be done under G.A., You are required fasting for 6hrs.


Will I Feel Any Pain during the procedure?

The procedure may cause some Heat and mild pain/ discomfort during the procedure but that is minimal.

The Procedure will last 10-15 minutes. And will be done at outpatient department.

How Is My Recovery going to be?

You will experience the following symptoms post-operatively.

  • Rectal Fullness.
  • Urge to have Bowel Movement.
  • Rectal Bleeding
  • Abdomen Fullness

These are temporary symptoms and will fade away with time.

Post-Operative Instructions

  • Avoid NSAID’S,
  • Use stool softeners
  • Sitz Bath

Along with the prescribed medicine, the treatment can continue for a week.


Will Haemorrhoides reccur after the procedure?

If no changes are made in

  • Lifestyle
  • Eating Habits
  • No relief from constipation

In such case, it does have Recurrence.  In Order to avoid the recurrence

  1. Start a sensible Diet
  2. Moderate Exercise.
  3. Proper Bowel Habits.

Will help you remain free from Haemorrhoid.


Advantages of IRC?

Out Patient procedure so, not much Anaesthesia give.

Minimal Pain during and after the procedure.

Multiple piles can be dealt at one time.

Return to work is fairly Quick.

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