Typically men are hesitant to seek medical advice.

More likely, men will not go for screening as compared to women.

It is a fact,  earlier the detection of a problem, faster the solution, better the progress.


I Am Approaching The Proverbial 50’s.

What do I need to do?

Should I go for routine check-up?

Anything in particular that my doctor will focus on?

These are few question that arise in your mind when you are in your 40’s-50’s



Men older than 50yrs should have

  • Regular physical examination ( Joint problems ,eg. Frozen shoulder, Arthritis)
  • Prostate screening. (BPH/Cancer)
  • Testosterone levels. ( Andropause )
  • Blood Pressure / Cholesterol – (Hypertension)
  • Liver Function Tests ( Fatty Liver)
  • BMI (Obesity)
  • In case you are already suffering from chronic disease follow up for the same with your doctor.

In Addition to all these tests, you need to give your doctor a detailed history of any ailment / diseases running in the family eg. HTN, Diabetes, Thyroid, any history of cancer.

This will help to tailor make a screening regime for you and guide you.

It will be a favour on yourself and your family if you do the needful.


How to keep healthy for the coming years?

What do I need to do to help my body and mind take the brunt of the years to come?

These simple habits will keep you ahead of the curve, feeling fit.

  • Exercise, Walk, Burn.

The need to get those feet moving cannot be over emphasized. Count those steps, burn those calories and keep fit.( Need To Move)

  • Healthy foods.

Nutrition is the fuel that drives these bodies and they can take so much only. Smart food habits will go a long way to keep the bodies functioning well.( Wellness Food Habits )

  • Meditate.

Pray, meditate ,yoga ,they all help get your mind some quality QUIET time to Relax, Reflect and get positive vibes into your day

  • Heed the Warning Signs.

Your body is the best guide and it will tell you all you need to know when to relax, when to go hard. All you have to listen. Do not ignore these signs.(Health warnings)

  • Participate/ Be a part Of Something.

Life has not been given to live only for yourself, life is much bigger than one person, so learn how to make somebody’s life better. Volunteer to be a part of something where you can live for others too even if it is for a little while

  • Sleep Well.

Ground rules that is most important. Do Not lose sleep on something , it is the natures best way of charging one of the most efficient creations of God, you..If you are losing sleep get help.(Insomnia)

  • Read /Write.

Pen down your feelings on a paper, read books, it will give you a glimpse on some people’s lives who have lived for others.

  • Share your Experiences.

You may not know it but you are inspiration for lot of people. Things people do in the journey of life are remarkable, enriching. Do not deny others a glimpse of that journey and relive it al.

  • Do not Be Afraid.

Aging is natural and the changes that come with it scare most people. We all go on the same path, all humanity does so smile, enjoy and do not be afraid.

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