This is a way for women to examine their breasts for any signs of Lump, discharge, swelling, skin changes


It is the best screening method for breast cancer. [Read: Breast Cancer ]

It can be done regularly by you to look for anything suspicious.

Breast cancer detected early significantly increases the chances of survival.

Note: 80% of breast lumps turn out to be benign. [Read: Benign Breast Lump]




Look at your breasts for any changes in Breast size, shape, skin.

Look for any puckering of skin, dimpling.

Look at the nipple for any retraction, discharge, sores.

You have to examine your breast

  • Standing straight
  • Sideways, hand behind hips pressing forward.
  • Bend forwards and roll your shoulder forward.
  • Hands behind your head pressing forward.

Do not be alarmed if breasts do not look equal in size, they usually are different.



Feeling your breast for any changes with the flat of your fingers usually middle three and not the tips of fingers.

You have to palpate the breast

  • Upper inner/outer region
  • Lower inner/outer region.
  • Nipple and behind it.
  • The axilla / armpit on both sides.

Think of your breast as a face on a clock.

Start at 12 o’clock and move toward 1 o’clock in small circular motions.

Continue around the entire circle until you reach 12 o’clock again.

Keep your fingers flat and in constant contact with your breast.


See your Surgeon/physician- if you discover

Any new breast changes,

Changes that persist after your menstrual cycle, or changes that concern you.


Condition to be checked by the surgeon are –

Lump or thickening in breast/underarms.

Change in shape size and contour of the breast.

Thickening of skin or areola

Red, warm and swollen inflamed skin.

Discharge from the nipple.

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